The schoolmates from Kobe High School formed the band in 2004. In 2007, the current 3 members formed “WEAVER” as a piano trio band and started their performances mainly in Kobe prefecture.

In 2009, the band released their debut single. In 2010, its 1st and 2nd album “Shinsekai souzouki Volume 1” and “Shinsekai souzouki Volume 2” achieved the #4 and #6 position on the Oricon chart and WEAVER received several new face awards, which was followed by their success at 2days live performances at Shibuya Public Hall in 2011.

In 2012, WEAVER held its “live house tour” for 33 shows in 31 places. WEAVER composed and released the album “Handmade” based on their experiences they gained from the “live house tour”.

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From March 2013, the band started a nationwide tour “WEAVER Handmade TOUR 2013 「Piano Trio Performace」”, they performed at zepp halls across the country.  Afterwards, “Yumejanai konosekai” was released in June. On 29th June 2013, They did a first live performance at NHK Hall “WEAVER Special Live 2013 ~Toru Kawabe, Yonhanseiki tanjousai~” , which ended in a sold-out live event.

In December, their new single “Yumewotsunaide” has been chosen to be the theme song of “Queen’s EKIDEN―2013 Women’s Corporate Ekiden “ , which is a road relay race organized by Japanese industrial track and field association“(Broadcast on TBS: December 15th). From 17th December, the song will be available online for limited period.

Furthermore, WEAVER collaborated with one of the famous Thai bands INSTINCT. The collaboration song has been chosen to be the theme song of 「Find the WASABI!」which will be broadcasted from coming January. On 8th December, WEAVER took part in “Big Mountain Music Festival 5” in Thailand to perform together with INSTINCT.

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Whilst they’ve been expanding their WEAVER has announced that the member will go to London to study from the end of January. They will study to improve their language skill and to gain inspirations from culture in UK and London music which they respect.

WEAVER OFFICIAL SITE http://www.weavermusic.jp/
OFFICIAL FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/weavermusic/
OFFICIAL Twitter https://twitter.com/WEAVER_STAFF
OFFICIAL Youtube  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8BF576B4530B9DE6

Let`s meet them on INDONESIA JAPAN EXPO 2013!

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