3 Months at Japanese Station = 1 Year Working Experience

Time does fly at Japanese Station. Here, 3 months feels like 1 year. Everything moves so fast and without you even realizing it, at the end of your program, you’ve fully conducted at least 1 real project that you can see the impact directly! At Japanese Station, we might not closely guide you to do a task because we’re going to treat you just like any other experienced employees. It might seem scary, but we promise you, this is going to be your first real-world adventure outside the university where you can discover challenging problems. Nothing is constant here. Everything progresses at full speed. Your adventure in Japanese Station will take your college experience into a whole new different level!

If an internship is not something that you are looking for, fret not because wherever you are in your journey, we have a program that can kickstart your adventure. Student? Fresh grad? Journalist? Japan Enthusiast? We have a spot for you here!

Content Creative

Task Description

  • Participate in planning and strategizing for inbound marketing campaign execution including content, content
  • Schedule, platforms, and measurements.
  • Generate new ideas and opportunities
  • Plan and implement weekly social media campaign/ topics, and complete it with related data analysis.
  • Manage social media assets on a daily basis to gain more engagement with audiences.
  • Research industry-related topics

Content Writer

Task Description

  • Can create, curate and syndicate content to increase awareness.
  • Develop content based on a company’s strategy and user’s needs
  • Develop fresh ideas that help generate traffic and increase conversion
  • Write in Bahasa Indonesia, using the right language for the right audience
  • Conduct simple keyword research and use SEO guidelines to increase web traffic
  • Follow industry-related news and generate ideas
  • Monitor web traffic and engagement

Social Media Admin

Job Description

  • Manage promotional media that has been created
  • Conduct social media posts and be responsible for the timely posting schedule
  • Analyzing profile and follower behavior, to get better engagement and the right time to post
  • Answer all comments/questions/complaints properly in accordance with the SOP
  • Make a weekly and daily report.

If you interested in this program kindly drop your CV and Portfolio (if any) and send us an email to [email protected] with subject "Internship - [Your desired position]"